Our Social Responsibility

As an influence in the world of healthcare, we understand the responsibility that comes with our business. That is why, every part of our mission is imbibed in our gene to consciously understand our moral and social responsibility towards nature and the society.

All global offices of MSN Labs are deeply committed to fulfilling their social responsibility. Following a “people first” approach, we have been pro-active with community outreach programs and our major accomplishments have been:

Free Diabetic Awareness Camps

India will be the diabetic capital of the world by 2025, with an estimate of more than 230 million diabetics by then. It is estimated that a diabetic is dying, every 10 seconds and with more than half of them never knowing they were diabetic.

As a responsible institution respected in the field of pharmaceutical sector, MSN has committed itself to raise awareness about diabetes through Free Diabetic Detection Camps across India. These have been MSN Labs’ tremendous efforts and successive achievements in the area of diabetic awareness:

As a responsible corporate citizen, MSN Labs has inspired a host of CSR initiatives which are making a healthy difference to people and communities across India.

Non-Profit Manufacturing Initiative

Taking it one step further - When no other company was eager to manufacture medicines to treat patients suffering from orphan diseases and from other diseases originating from a rare genetic condition, MSN group took initiative and went ahead to develop and manufacture the drugs to treat the condition at the fraction of the cost in comparison with innovator drug. These drugs were manufactured without profits.

Sustained Efforts -

Among several initiatives, some of the ongoing ones are –

Health awareness campaigns

Environmental initiatives

Healthcare has always been paramount for MSN Labs. We believe in “compassionate medicine” and have taken several initiatives to not only provide viable and easily accessible health solutions globally, but also uphold our social commitment.

Our ever-growing portfolio

We are extremely grateful for the wonderful family of clients and customers that we have built across the globe.