MSN Labs Chile is a wholly owned subsidiary of the MSN Group of Companies which has worldwide presence and the Chile office’s branch is situated in Santiago.

Healthcare Solutions and Therapeutic Services

The aim of MSN Group of Companies is to contribute to a healthier world. Efforts include patient awareness, delivering healthcare that is accessible, cost-effective medication and viable therapeutic solutions. The expertise offered are in the field of -

Current and Future Offerings

The MSN Group of Companies worldwide aims at providing healthcare solutions such as health screenings that will be beneficial to general public in each country, by collaborating with health care providers. The Chile branch of MSN Labs also shares its parent company’s goal.

Office Address

MSN Labs Chile SPA
El Regidor, NRO 66, 10th Floor
Comuna de las Condes
Santiago, Chile

+91 40 30438600

Our ever-growing portfolio

We are extremely grateful for the wonderful family of clients and customers that we have built across the globe.