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Dr. MSN Reddy

Founder, Chairman & Managing Director - MSN Group

A modest and compassionate humanitarian dedicated to bringing world class medicines within the economic and geographic reach of millions of patients worldwide, Dr MSN Reddy (popularly known as Dr MSN) is the Founder, Chairman and Managing Director of MSN Group of Companies.

Dr. Manne Satyanarayana Reddy (popularly known as Dr. MSN), is the Founder, Chairman and Managing Director of MSN Group of Companies having its Head Office in Hyderabad, India.

Dr. MSN was born at Gurukunta Village in Mahboobnagar District in the State of Telangana. He pursued his education right from elementary School level to Graduation (Bachelor’s in Sciences) in his native district.

He finished his Master’s Degree in M.Sc (Organic Chemistry) from Osmania University in 1983 and earned his PhD in the year 1988. He accomplished his Post-Doctoral Research in Organic Chemistry from Osmania University in the year 1990.

His career, which began in 1990, saw him rise from a Group Leader to Head - Research and Development in one of the leading Indian Pharmaceutical MNCs before venturing out as an entrepreneur in 2003.

Dr. MSN established MSN Group with an initial Capital of Rs. 5 Crores and with a handful of personnel. His zeal to discover, develop and manufacture safe and innovative medicines and bring them within the affordable reach of the people laid a solid foundation for the organisations growth and success.

Dr. MSN believes that persistence and meticulous execution are essential to success and requires outstanding and committed resources to realise it. And MSN Group takes every care to nurture talent and groom them into high performing teams of professionals, relentlessly striving towards organisational goals.

Under his leadership, MSN Group achieved exponential growth, making it one of the fastest growing Pharma companies bringing world class medicines within the economic and geographic reach of millions across the globe. Today, the group with presence in 65+countries employs about 14,000 personnel of which 2,200 plus personnel are dedicated to Research & Development.

As a scientist, Dr. MSN is accredited for developing various new molecules for regulatory and semi-regulatory markets following current Good Laboratory Practices (cGLP) and current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). He has to his credit about 350 products/ processes being patented in Indian Patent office.

A Member of the American Chemical Society, Dr. MSN as an inventor has 170 Patent Publications globally (out of which 73 have been granted) and 53 research publications in reputed Indian as well as International journals.

His outstanding work as an entrepreneur and contribution to Indian Pharmaceutical Sector gained nationwide recognition. He has been conferred with many prestigious awards like Udyog Ratan Award by the Institute of Economic Studies for employment generation and TV5 Business Leader Award for his exceptional services to the Pharmaceutical Industry.

His strategic vision and deep business insights have set MSN Group on a seamless path of progress. Under his able leadership, it has achieved numerous milestones. Today, the group has a total of 22 State-of-the-art Manufacturing and Research & Development facilities in India and USA. These include fifteen (15) Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients facilities, Six (6) Formulations facilities and one (1) integrated Research & Development Centre. The Group has marketing and subsidiary offices in major markets like USA, UK, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru, UAE, Malaysia, Kenya, Vietnam and Philippines among others.

The organisation recognised for its innovation, quality and speed of delivery, owns a vast product portfolio of 450+APIs and 300+Finished Dosages covering a broad spectrum of 35+ therapeutic domains including Oncology, Cardiology, CNS, Diabetes, Nephrology, Urology, Gastroenterology and Orthopaedics etc.

The MSN Group has filed around 900 patent applications globally and has been granted with 150+ patents. The Group with a total of 1000+ Global DMFs is also World’s No.1 in active US DMF Filings. The group has to its credit a total of 150+ ANDAs (Abbreviated New Drug Applications) and 54+ First-to-Files apart from over 7402 Finished Product Dossiers worldwide with 2242 approvals.

In addition to being an astute entrepreneur, Dr MSN is a modest and compassionate individual who deeply cares for community, environment, and heritage. It is this inherent trait which led Dr MSN to inspire and encourage a host of CSR activities which have made a meaningful difference to communities where the group operates in. The activities in a nutshell include: Tree Plantations, Drinking Water Supply & Conservation initiatives, Free Distribution of Books, Renovation of Schools and infrastructure support, Rural infrastructure development including roads, underground drainage and street lighting and Healthcare activities like free health check-up camps and free medicines’ distribution among others.

The Group has been at the forefront of supporting the renovation of ancient temples, important sites of pilgrimage and architectural significance in Telangana State, preserving the nation’s glorious cultural heritage. As a token of gratitude to his Alma Mater, Dr MSN recently made a significant contribution to the modernisation of the chemistry department at Osmania University to facilitate advanced research endeavours of the students.

He has given shape to MSN Group’s “Compassionate Medicine Programme” where orphan drugs are exclusively manufactured and delivered on a zero-profit basis to meet the needs of patients suffering from rare diseases like Duchenne muscular dystrophy, Relapsing Multiple Scelerosis and Wilson's disease etc.

It was during the Covid-19 pandemic, MSN Group under Dr MSN’s aegis played a key role in the global fight against the pandemic. Besides extending financial support to Telangana CM Relief Fund, the group swiftly developed and delivered a range of critical Covid-19 drugs at most affordable prices to the citizens across India. The Group has also delivered free medicines and protective gear to those on frontlines acknowledging their selfless service during the critical times.

Driven by the humane mission of enabling access to affordable high-quality medicines to the world, MSN Group under Dr MSN is continually expanding its growth and global-footprint.

Bharat Reddy

Executive Director - MSN Group

Bharat Reddy is the Executive Director of the MSN Group of companies. An accomplished technocrat with an experience of over 20 years, Bharat has displayed his adeptness in handling profiles including information technology, life science and pharmaceuticals.

Bharat holds an exemplary academic record with a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Florida, Masters in Computer Science from Florida Atlantic University and a third Masters from Clemson University.

As an Executive Director, Bharat plays a significant role in MSN’s global pharmaceutical operations, sales and marketing. His expertise in developing market-specific business strategies coupled with strong emphasis on creating brand identity, has helped MSN Group mark its presence worldwide.

Overseeing the overall business development of MSN group, Bharat leads the operations of the formulation business, Information Technology and new avenues for MSN group worldwide.

Ms. Sindhuja Reddy

Director - MSN Group

Ms. Sindhuja Reddy is an exemplary leader and the director of MSN Group, a prominent player in the pharmaceutical industry. With a remarkable educational background, including an M-Tech degree in Biotechnology from JNTU Campus and an MBA from ISB, Ms. Sindhuja possesses a strong academic foundation.

Within MSN Group, Ms. Sindhuja leads critical functions such as Finance & Supply Chain. Her exceptional leadership skills and operational excellence ensure that the company consistently delivers the highest quality services while maintaining affordability. By setting and upholding high standards in every aspect of the business, Ms. Sindhuja contributes significantly to MSN Laboratories' continued success.

Furthermore, Ms. Sindhuja demonstrates a keen awareness of the importance of sustainability and environmental responsibility. In addition to her core operational responsibilities, she dedicates her time to the company's sustainability development programs. Her strategic approach harmonizes nature and profitability, integrating environmentally friendly practices into MSN Laboratories' operations. This commitment displays her ability to balance ethical considerations with business goals effectively.

Ms. Sindhuja's exceptional qualifications, visionary approach, and strong leadership acumen makes her an irreplaceable asset to MSN Group. She upholds the values established by MSN Group for the past 20 years ensuring the company's growth and success in the highly competitive pharmaceutical industry. With her expert guidance, MSN Laboratories continues to provide top-notch services, prioritizing the well-being of its customers while fostering the sustainability of the business.

Mr. Nikhil Reddy

Executive Director - MSN Group

Mr. Nikhil Reddy embarked on his professional journey with a strong foundation in both technology and business. His educational background, includes a Master's Degree in Business Information Systems from Smith School of Business- University of Maryland College Park and a Bachelor's Degree in Electronics & Communication equipped him with a unique skill set that blends technology and business acumen seamlessly.

Mr. Reddy started his career at one of the big four consulting companies, which allowed him to develop a deep understanding of various industries, business processes, and technology solutions. During his time, he consistently demonstrated his ability to address complex business challenges and foster innovation.

As an Executive Director at MSN Laboratories, Mr. Reddy brings a visionary and strategic perspective to the company's leadership team.

As a charismatic leader, he motivates and inspires teams to achieve exceptional results.

His technical background enables him to effectively leverage technology to enhance operations and drive efficiency.

Mr. Reddy has played a significant role in leading MSN Laboratories to new heights and horizons across the globe. His leadership has contributed to the company's sustained success, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry. MSN Laboratories has been able to achieve significant milestones under his guidance, which include successful product launches and international expansions.

Mr. Reddy is deeply committed to MSN Laboratories mission to deliver high-quality affordable pharmaceutical products to improve the health and well-being of people worldwide. He embraces the organization's values and principles in every decision he makes.

His extensive experience and steadfast commitment to MSN Group's mission make him a driving force behind the organization's continued success.

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